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STELLA 1,20 m Robotic Telescopes
Setup and Firstlight at the Observatorio del Teide, Izana Teneriffa
Copyright © 2006-2019 from Stathis Kafalis

"STELLA" (STELLar Activity) is beeing operated by the Astrophysics Institute Potsdam (AIP) in cooperation with the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC). Two 1,20 m telescopes in direct driven Alt/Az fork mounts are housed in one rolling roof dome. The complete system is controlled remotely and is used for exploration of stellar activity (magnetic fields, star spots, rotation periods). The main instruments are high-resolution spectrograph and a wide-field imaging photometer.

Further Info:
Stella Website of the AIP
The STELLA Robotic Observatory on Tenerife
Celebrating Ten Years of Science with STELLA

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The installation of Stella I took place in spring 2005

Some pictures of the setup works:
Truck transport
Azimuth base at the crane
Truss tube at the crane
Placing the truss tube onto the fork
Secondary mirror + spider at the crane
Mounting of the M2 spider
Putting the main mirror into its cell
Rolling in the mirror cell
Mounting of the tertiary mirror

View to Stella I from the GREGOR telescope building
Collimating the secondary mirror
Collimating at the Nasmyth Focus at under partly clouded sky with the constellation of Scorpion. At longer exposure time with slewing.
Stella waiting for the night. Photo taken in 2019 after more than 13 jears of robotic operation
Stella at moon light under the constellations Boötes, Corona Borealis... up to Virgo. The horizon glow at lower right is from the neighbor island Gran Canaria.
Picture from April 2019

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